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About Us

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About Us

Founded in 2008, Step Ahead Physical Therapy is working to eliminate pain, one patient at a time.

We are a physical therapist owned and operated clinic offering customized one-on-one treatment.

Our modern facilities feature all the latest modalities and our licensed, experienced physical therapists are trained in all up-to-date evidence-based therapies.

Our therapy is designed to get you feeling like your old self again. We take the time to do a thorough examination in order to detect problems that will allow us to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for you. Your body will recover quicker and heal faster. We provide One-On-One 45-60 minute treatment sessions with a focus on hands on care and corrective exercises resulting in the achievement of functional independence. We have licensed Physical Therapists who can work on a range of injuries.

There is something unique and different happening here at Step Ahead Physical Therapy not found at many Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics....
           One-On-One Care:

At Step Ahead Physical Therapy, only physical therapists care for patients. There are no aides or “techs” assisting with patient treatment. At our facilities, patients receive expert, One-On-One attention everyday.

Our therapists can take the extra time to understand what is happening with their patients, to explore new treatment options and to consult with colleagues. Learning is facilitated and better care is the result. Our therapists are not running hard to meet some production quota. Our therapists are focused on each patient, focused on offering the best care possible.

We never "double-book" appointments. We believe that sufficient time is needed to customize your treatments, deliver them, and ensure their effectiveness. All of our appointments run between 45 and 60 minutes and focus primarily on hands-on care and corrective exercises.

We are not a physical therapy factory. We are a healing center where we work individually with you to reduce your pain and help you return to your normal level of active living as quickly as possible.

We sincerely believe that the road to optimal health is being proactive and attentive to your sense of wellbeing. We will take the time to provide you with personalized care that is unique in today’s hectic world. We will help you now, and build a solid relationship that you can turn to in the future should the need arise.

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