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"To put it succinctly Andy is the best I've ever had! I have suffered from muscular/skeletal problems for decades. I have endured (2) hip replacements and it was after the second that I was fortunate enough (lucky) to find Andy. He is the first therapist who has clearly heard what I have to say. He has the experience and smarts to figure out and apply the best therapy for me. He explains issues and instructions clearly. He expects much but gives much in return. I've been in pain for years and after a few weeks working with Andy I'm finally able to believe that it will get better. Many thanks Andy!"

Jackie R.  Somerville, MA


"Meghan O'Malley did an outstanding job with fixing my shoulder. Her skill set, knowledge, professionalism, and encouragement, made my physical therapy successful. The degree of care Meghan provided was exceptional. I highly recommend Meghan to anyone in need of an amazing physical therapist."

Susan B. Lynn, MA

"Thank you for your never ending support, encouragement, and ability to keep me focused on the exercises I've done for my ACL rehab. With your professionalism and the ultimate training techniques, my knee is now much stronger and better than it ever was before. Thank you again for your expert and compassionate treatment and I appreciate you being my #1 PT."

Y.T., Charlestown, MA


"After cycling through two other PT practices over the last year, I finally found the ONLY effective one. I had serious long term injuries and scar tissue that no one had ever addressed. Andy actually listened to my history and acknowledged my severe muscle restrictions. He then spent months using deep tissue manual therapy to get rid of many years of scar tissue. My pain level went from barely walking back to normal activity level."

Meghan S. Cambridge, MA


"The professionalism and welcoming atmosphere in your office was beyond excellent! You and your entire staff should be commended. I recently completed the Falmouth Road Race (7 miles with hills) without any pain. I have implemented your stretches into my routine. Thanks Again!!

Maureen P. Boston, MA


" I am happy that I came to Step Ahead Physical Therapy because it helped me to get rid of my many injuries. I have never found a Therapist that helped me this much before. They are the best!"

Eleanaide N. Malden, MA


"I am writing to thank you for my referral to Step Ahead Physical Therapy. Andy has been paramount to my rehabilitation. He is the best physical therapist that I've seen and would recommend him to anyone. I am feeling so much better thanks to Andy!"

Elizabeth M. Charlestown, MA


"After suffering from intense pain in my foot for 3 months and not being able to stand up out of bed or walk on the treadmill I started physical therapy with Karen at Step Ahead Physical Therapy. Karen is a great therapist. After a month of therapy I was able to stand and use the treadmill and really enjoyed my trip to Panama where I did a lot of walking pain free."

Maria G. Somerville, MA


"After severe knee pain drastically slowed me down during a Marathon, I tried several different therapies without any success. I couldn't even run 2 miles without pain. Then I started working with Andy at Step Ahead Physical Therapy. The care and attention I received was specific to my needs and helped relieve the pain completely. I've even become a faster runner, setting a personal record after completing therapy."

Anne Marie R. Somerville, MA


"After suffering from a knee injury for 3 months I went to Step Ahead PT with some doubts and reservations that my knee was not going to be as functional as before. After the therapy was complete I am no even STRONGER than before allowing me to perform at a higher level. I should have done this sooner!"

Jerry Carballo-Assembly Sports Club Personal Trainer, Somerville, MA


"Andy is a great physical physical therapist. He asks questions, listens and responds to feedback. He not only helped relieve my tension through his work but also gave me the necessary skills to continue to be pain free on my own. I have nothing but the utmost respect and thanks for the work he has done with me."

Dave L. Somerville, MA


"I have had chronic back problems for about 10 years and recently required a trip to the hospital because the pain was so bad I couldn't walk. The therapy I received at Step Ahead PT got me back on my feet. They worked out the scar tissue that had built up in my back over the years which was the root of the problem. If my back hurts I work out using the exercises and stretches they showed me and it feels better. Overall the treatment helped minimize the pain and minimize the chance that any major issues will happen again. I wish I had done this years ago."

Borden F. Somerville, MA


"After hurting my knee I didn't think I would be able to accomplish my goal of completing a half marathon. Andy has helped rehab my injury and strengthen my leg and I am back on track to running a half marathon very soon!"

Natalie K. Charlestown, MA


"After chronic neck pain for 20 years with a number of different physical therapists I know have my life back since coming to Step Ahead PT. The treatment was excellent and the environment was fun and supportive. Don't go anywhere else!"

Pam V. Boston, MA

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